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Takayama City is located in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It is a city of less than 100,000 people but its layout really gives one an impression of a town rather than a city. You can exit the train station and walk from there, up the main street, across the river and to the hills and temples within an hour. It is sometimes thought as a gateway to different World Heritage sites in the area such as the "gassho-zukuri" towns of Gokayama, Ainokura and Shirakawa but it is a wonderful place to stay and visit on its own. I have visited Takayama several times staying the night but wishing on leaving that I had planned on staying longer. Besides the sights there are marvelous restaurants and shopping areas, outdoor markets, and walking courses.

The images in this collection begin with a morning view of the Miyagawa River from the Nakabashi Bridge. Then the images are from the Miyagawa Morning Market, along the old merchant district, the temples and shrines of Higashiyama and of a local parade through the town.
Morning over the Miyagawa RiverAlong the Merchant DistrictAlong the Merchant DistrictAlong the Merchant DistrictAlong the Merchant DistrictAlong the Merchant DistrictMiyagawa Morning MarketMiyagawa Morning MarketMiyagawa Morning MarketMerchant DistrictPath along the Enakogawa RiverMerchant DistrictMerchant DistrictMerchant District, Mechanical DollMerchant District, Mechanical DollHigashiyama DistriictHigashiyama DistriictHigashiyama Distriict