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There once was a Possum Trot...

The story as I know it was that Cal and Ruby Black came out to California in the early 50s from the south hoping to get rich. When things didn't pan out they bought a piece of the Mojave Desert for $10 down and $10 a month. They lived rough for the first several years as Cal scavenged wood and structures to build a compound of buildings and displays that became Possum Trot. They built what they hoped would become a tourist spot. Cal carved dolls and Ruby sewed the clothes and they put on performances for visitors. I visited in the early 70s, a few years after Cal had died, and met Ruby who was trying to keep the place going in memory of her beloved Cal. I took pictures of some of the dolls and structures and sat and talked with Ruby for awhile. There is nothing left now, I heard some of the dolls were sold for thousands of dollars each to different museums. I suspect Ruby and Cal never had more than a few dollars between them.

There is a good bit of info on the web about Cal and Ruby and Possum Trot if you would like to learn more. I had forwarded the images I had of Possum Trot and Ruby to a museum in the Mojave Desert several years ago but I have been re-working some of my early images and thought there may be some interest in Ruby. Thank you for looking.