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Along Castlewood Canyon

Carved memorial in rock cliff reads:

AUGUST 21, 1864

In the year 1864, Conrad Moschel was serving a 100-day enlistment with Company M of the Colorado Cavalry who were stationed at California Ranch near Franktown. In August of that year he was detailed with Lawarence Welty, George Engl, and Casper Courts to recover Engl's valuable shorthorn herd from the Lake
Gulch area. While gathering the herd the men were attacked by Indians. Everyone survived the attack and made it safely back to California Ranch except Conrad Moschel whose body was found six days later where he fell halfway up the bluffs opposite Engl'l GE
Ranch. An arrow protruded from his back, a bullet wound scarred his forehead, and he had been scalped. He was buried where he was found and a carved memorial was erected in the rock cliff above
the grave. A granite tombstone was later added to the head of the grave.
NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D200, f/11 @ 26 mm, 1/15, ISO 100, No Flash

Along Castlewood Canyon