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Gion is a district of Kyoto which is known as the place to see geisha in Japan. Gion began in the middle ages as a place to accomodate the needs of travelers and visitors to the Yasaka Shrine. There are many old accommodations there known as machiya or town homes which serviced the rich and famous with accommodations and entertainment. Many now accommodate tourists but others still serve as ochaya or tea houses and houses of entertainment.

In the evening it is common to see geisha and maiko, apprentice geisha, traveling to the tea houses and other entertainment locations within Gion. Keep in mind that by entertainment it is meant traditional dance, music, song, tea service and other arts. Indeed, the translation of geisha is "art person" or person of the arts.

Another common sight during the day are what you might call maiko wannabes. For one to two hundred dollars a lady can be dressed out and made up like a maiko and walk around Gion. The images here are from the Gion district and include images of maiko, wannabes, fellow tourists and places within the district.

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Kiyomizu Temple in the early morningBuilding in GionRoof in GionStreet artistMachiya streetKodaiji Temple groundsChildren on the way to schoolA priest in a hurryBack streeets of Gion DistrictGion DistrictYoung girl posing for photographJinrikishaJinrikishaMaiko Wannabes posing for photographsMaiko WannabeMaiko WannabeMaiko WannabeStudents' field tripJinrikisha driver posing for studentsMaiko

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These are all wonderful and I've enjoyed your photos.
Bob Lewis(non-registered)
Many years ago, while stationed in Yokosuka, I traveled to Kyoto and neighboring Nara. Your Images bring back fond memories of possibly one of the most beautiful cities on earth. You have captured some wonderful images here. Thanks for sharing.
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