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Modified 24-Oct-17
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I am constantly shooting, manipulating images, and just plain playing around. This gallery is a sometimes temporary holding place for those images and a sometimes permanent place for the displaced
Colorado Springs Trolley MuseumA work in progress from the Trolley Museum.  The windows are transparent and waiting for an idea.Colorado Springs Trolley Museum.  An Amazing Circle of the above trolley and placed within the imageColorado Springs Trolley Museum with a Zombie from the Denver Zombie Crawl.Fallen, a participant from Manitou Springs' Carnivale in front of a church from Ireland.Air ZombieEl Troubadour (Iggy Igloo of the Penguins in front of a location in Antonito.What do Teddy Bears dream?  The only thing I added was the starry sky.Phone HomeSome artistic effects addedThe Burial Mound.  This started life as a potato cellar and then a few enhancements, graves, etc.Fujiyama pasture landsSushi on the Ginza.  A composite image that too complicated to describe here.An image from the Swettsville Zoo with a guy asking for change along the Santa Fe Arts District.